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Animation Studio “Mechtalёt” is heading for Asia!

Already this month, in April 2021, China will release the first series of the Far Eastern project “Back to Back“. The cartoon about the adventures of backpacks attracted Asian partners with an interesting plot and stylized characters. Each six-minute episode tells about the heroes-backpacks left unattended by the owners. The characters find their way everywhere: in the cinema, on the bus, at school, in the gym, in the terrarium, in the school yard-everywhere, they discover an unknown universe! And, of course, the creators of the Animation studio “Mechtalёt” gave young viewers the opportunity to plunge into this unknown world — to spy on what backpacks are doing while no one sees them.

Interestingly, after the localization of the animated series (translation, voice acting), the characters look as if they were drawn specifically for the Asian audience. Due to this, the cartoon fits seamlessly into the media space of China, so the employees of “Mechtalёtt” hope for the success of the premiere. The project is distributed in China by Joy Media. It already cooperates with major Russian studios Soyuzmultfilm, Aeroplan, Riki, and the STS channel. Their well-known projects are not the first year transferred to the territory of China, you all know them — these are “Kikorikii”, “Fixiki”, “Three Cats”, etc. According to the forecasts of Joy Media, in the next 3 years, the Khabarovsk animated series “Back to Back” will be shown on fifty Chinese media platforms and TV channels. But the “Mechtalёе” does not stop there and flies on: it has already set a course for cooperation with Indonesia, Cambodia, and Singapore, South Korea and Japan


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