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We are a young creative team, and we are ready for achievements!

It all starts with a dream. This is how our studio was formed, "Mechtalёt" - the name is not accidental and the image behind it is something magical, something woven from childhood dreams and a very strong will, a dream that, despite any doubts, came true. Since 2018, our team aboard Dreamlet has been traveling the world of animation, continuing to gain height.

We are located in the Russian Far East and our neighborhood with Asian countries has a very strong influence on the creative team. We are very inspired by the Asian culture, including the mass one: Japanese animation and music, the history of China. All of this is reflected in the studio's cartoons, from character design to plot twists. We believe that thanks to this feature, our cartoons are a kind of cultural bridge between Europe and Asia.

Today the studio is working on the creation of the second season of the series "Back to Back" and we continue to recruit "dreamers" - creative and active friends to our team.

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