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It is necessary to draw the interior or exterior. It doesn't matter which one, it is important that the picture has a foreground, middle, background and style.
The style is simple - rounded lines, no sharp corners, excessive detail should also be avoided, large and medium forms should dominate.


Line thickness is constant, the only exception is foreground in some cases. We recommend using a canvas of 2000x3500 and a brush size of seven or ten.

Attach a sheet with pictures that were used as references to the letter with the completed assignment, and also indicate how much time it took to work.

Brushes to use:

фоны Спина к спине
Руководство по фонам Спина к спине
фоны Спина к спине
Волшебная лавка.JPG
Фоны Спина к спине
Фоны Спина к спине
Фоны Спина к спине
дикий запад.jpg
Фоны Спина к спине

*The attached files are the intellectual property of the Far Eastern Architectural Company Limited Liability Company

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