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Mechtalёt splash screen. We spent a lot of time on choosing the right name for our studio. We still have records of different options – more than a hundred... We really wanted the name to be appreciated by everyone in our team. Yet tastes differ, especially when it comes to creative people.


For a while, we were called Yellow Bike, then simply Bike, but when we started creating our logo and having lived with that name for a while, we got the feeling that we could be riding our Bike in the wrong direction.

Mechtalёt was on the list from the very beginning – it was proposed and rejected several times. Yet that’s what we chose after all.

But what would be the form of our Mechtalёt? A missile, a plane, a flying extraterrestrial object... We were racking our brains until it finally dawned on our producer that this should be exactly the type of transport that most of us played with when we were kids.

So, this is our Mechtalёt with which anything is possible!

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