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For the first time in the Russian Far East!

The largest international animation festival in Russia. Held annually in Moscow and other Russian cities. 

The Big Cartoon Festival was held for the first time in Khabarovsk from June 28 to 30.

It was organized by Khabarovsk government

and Mechtalёt animation studio (Graphics and Animation division of the OOO "DAK").

The festival presented short and full-length animated films – more than a hundred cartoons

for children and adults from around the world.

The festival was opened by a special guest – Boris Mashkovtsev, Director of Soyuzmultfilm.

Several workshops were held on June 29 and 30, in parallel with the festival animation program. Cartoon workshops were held in the mornings and afternoon and collected children who, in addition to watching cartoons, could try their hand in making animated films using the chalkboard

and hand-drawn animation techniques.

Trainers Polina Kampioni and Evgeny Ippolitov from Moscow directed the process.

Mechtalёt Studio animators and artists held 6 lectures and workshops for adults who are already working or would like to work in the animation industry. The experts spoke about the history of animation, shared a few life hacks to improve illustrations, and the specifics of working with certain techniques and tools.


Reviews about the Big Cartoon Festival in Khabarovsk


"We would like to thank the BIG CARTOON FESTIVAL organizers and sponsors for this wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from professionals."


"Nearly every cartoon was absolutely stunning! Marshrutka moved me deeply; Tip-Top was absolutely hilarious, and 2 Trams was a very heart-warming story."


"BIG CARTOON FESTIVAL is a gift that we did not deserve. A remarkable Russian and international animation program, fantastic animation techniques (many different ones), pictures and plots that would make Kafka, Dali, Munk

or Gauguin sob (some films are for adult audience 18+)"


"I really, really liked it!

Do come again! Bring the fest, experts for the workshops) and more 18+ movies, Thank you!)"


Media about the first Big Cartoon Festival in Khabarovsk

Большой Фестиаль мультфильмов в Хабаровске
Борис Машковцев на Большом фестивале мултфильмо




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